Sunday, October 29, 2006

One reason for hope

With all the similarities to Germany in the early 1930s that are evident from the efforts of the Boosh Gang to establish a one-party military state in America, it is worthwhile to note an important difference: the Nazis had very wide popular support.

In contrast, it is remarkable that, considering the constant barrage of propaganda from Fox and the other state-friendly media outlets, the relentless demonization of all opponents by the Royalist party, and the general passivity of the Democrats, that Boosh’s poll numbers have hovered in the 30-40% range for most of the last three or four years. Keep in mind, also, that despite all the heavy artillery that Rove and the Royalists have been able to bring to bear on elections, Boosh was only able to muster a 51% popular vote in 2004, and that indeed he would have lost without Ohio, a state tainted by strong indications of electoral fraud.

In my experience, the reality-based community tends to bemoan the ignorance of the public more often than not, seeing the American masses as apathetic sheep, easily swayed by militarism and prejudice. In truth, the history of the Boosh Gang’s rule provides an object lesson in how far brazen lying and fear-mongering can get you, especially with a corrupt and docile press. But still, there are the poll numbers. Over 60% of us, on the average, have continued to disapprove of Boosh’s performance, no matter what phony stunt or distraction he pulls out of his ass.

I am convinced that most Americans are far more intelligent than their so-called leaders take them for, or the media pundits. So we really are seeing the kind of “manufactured” consent that Noam Chomsky has talked about, where a minority view of political reality is maintained by the establishment, and made to appear mainstream, even though the majority of Americans think differently. Both political parties, and the media, represent the monied elites, and the views of this minority are projected as if they were the sane, ordinary, middle-of-the-road, established way.

I find this fact rather hopeful. A neo-fascist government will have difficulty operating with a disapproval rating of 60% or more. The Royalist power won’t hold without a larger base.


Bonnie said...

I hope you're right, and I also hope that the momentum is swinging away from Kyl out there in AZ. I cannot tell you how good I'd feel if Kyl was out of office after Nov. 7th! Go, Arizona, GOTV!

Chris Dashiell said...

Kyl is despicable. He's in favor of using nuclear weapons in a first strike, for example.
Unfortunately, his opponent Pederson hasn't come out against the war. And he's still behind. I don't have much hope. I voted for him anyway (mail-in ballot), but I truly believe that he could be ahead now if he had taken a stand against the war.

Bonnie said...

Clinton will be out there tomorrow stumping for Pederson--maybe that will help? Who knows, but I have a smidgen of hope left :)

I can't believe P. didn't come out against the war...maroonatic! Is he dumb (just didn't say he was against the war) or really dumb (for the war)?

Chris Dashiell said...

Really dumb, I'm afraid. But even if he just criticized the waging of this war (occupation) as incompetent (which it is) it would be better than silence. Sheesh, what does he have to lose, eight points down?