Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful

Chuck Schumer and Joseph Biden calling for Alberto Gonzales’ resignation. If the creepy torture guy’s job is in jeopardy, something must be going right.
NY firefighters blast Rudolph Guiliani. The former mayor has exploited 9/11 for his own image, and has been able to get away with it for the most part. Maybe this will help expose his feet of clay.
Bush’s Latin American trip features angry protests in Brazil and Colombia.
War protesters are occupying Congressional offices. And not just Republican offices, either.
Fox Noise-sponsored Presidential debate cancelled. Fox should be boycotted by all Democrats. Period. Let the propagandists sit by themselves in their own stink. Going on their shows only lends the Australian network a legitimacy it doesn’t deserve.
Libby found guilty.
You see, for things to get better, people need to say No to the criminals running the show.


fiddler said...

I don't know why critique of Gonzales, coming from Democrats, should be reason to be cheerful. It is the goddamned job of the opposition (what opposition?) to critizise the govt, and calls for resignation, c'mon, how often have we heard that routine before, either warranted or not. It will be reason to be cheerful when Gonzales steps down and is replaced by a better guy.

I hear the Mexicans haven't exactly warm & fuzzy feelings for the Shrub either, over the "Tortilla Crisis". Mexico imports much of its corn from the US. The latter have suddenly discovered that burning fossil fuel is bad for the environment and increasingly make bio-ethanol from corn (for car fuel), which sent the price skywards. Oh, the irony.

Fox should be boycotted by all decent folk, Dems and Reps alike. It's not like the Democratic Party was immune to demagogery, or that being a Republican automatically makes you one.

whig said...

The recognition is not yet fully general enough that Faux news does not report the truth; they are not merely opinionated they are deceptive. Jurassicpork's display is excellent.

Chris Dashiell said...

(Replying to fiddler)
Yes, we should expect the opposition to oppose, but the fact is they haven't for a long time, so it's something of a good sign when they call for Gonzales to step down. Maybe not the total opposition I would like, but hey--I'm looking for something to be cheerful about here.
Yes, Republicans should boycott the Zombie Channel too. But, you know, Fox is the Republican channel. So my suggestion was at least more realistic.

OmbudsBen said...

Great post, Dashiell.

If it's true that it's darkest before dawn, I have to hope hurricane Katrina was the darkness, and we're finally getting some light.

In future years, among the many things that will damn the Bush administration, from Halliburton to the Iraq failure to Abramoff to Katrina, the worst will be the patronage system he set up.

That's how we got a Texas party boy in charge of FEMA, way over his head when the hurricane hit.

That's how all the Iraq cultural and political experts in the State Dept got shunted aside after the war (the people who might have rebuilt that nation) so 20 something party flacks could be rewarded with posts in Baghdad ostensibly to "bring them democracy."

The sheer malevolent prankster politics of Rove, scorning the right of African-Americans to vote.

Bush demands absolute loyalty, not competence. I've heard awful stories about Health and Human Services and the CDC because people antagonistic to those depts are in charge and contemptuous of the services they run.

This evil administration will become the textbook for what not to do, and Bush will join the names of Grant, Harding, Hoover and Nixon for corruption and incompetence.