Saturday, May 12, 2007

These truths are self-evident

One of these days I’m going to compile a list of axioms for our post-satiric age. For instance: The wider currency given to a catchphrase or idea about current events (with Time and Newsweek covers and topics promoted by the punditry representing the high end of the scale) the less accurate a description of the actual situation it is. Indeed, if all the media is saying the same thing, it’s almost mathematically certain that the truth is exactly the opposite of what they’re saying.

Here’s another one: All official pronouncements by the Bush administration are lies in one form or another, and this is done out of principle, since the criminal mindset always assumes that the citizens of the U.S. are a threat and must be kept in the dark. This axiom holds even in those rare cases when the administration discloses facts—because they are always purported to demonstrate a false conclusion.

This axiom saves a lot of time for those of us who don’t have the leisure to read every story or piece of evidence on this sorry excuse for a White House. By this time, the pattern is clear, and every new story only reconfirms it, albeit in increasingly bizarre ways. And if you have a sense of history, or even a simple sense of time, you will understand that there comes a point where credibility is lost forever. With Bushco, this point actually occurred years ago, although the citizenry is coming to it in successive waves of awareness. Bush defenders seem to operate in a perpetual zero point of time, in which past deceptions are of no account when evaluating the present. In ordinary life, giving the benefit of the doubt, year after year, to a compulsive liar would be considered idiocy, or perhaps insanity. In Republican circles, it’s the modus operandi.

Finally, one more truth that should be self-evident to all who have not yet drunk the Kool-Aid: Anyone who works for Fox News is a whore.

Sorry, Alan Colmes. No exceptions. If you take money from Fox News, if you work for that network, regardless of what your private convictions may be, you are a whore. And the stink of your degradation follows you wherever you may go. If you only stay in the company of other whores, you may not notice this. But to re-enter real civil society, you will eventually need to acknowledge your whoredom.

I know this sounds extreme, but you must understand that this is not a legitimate news source. Its purpose is not to inform, but to distort the facts in order to convey an extremist, hate-based ideology. If there was a Ku Klux Klan network, this would be obvious to everyone, but since a corrupt Australian plutocrat is able to throw huge amounts of money around, using nifty graphics and almost lifelike “anchors” to simulate the appearance of TV news, many poor souls have failed to note the essentially bogus nature of the organization.

Well, this is at least a start. With these three axioms, the reasonably alert citizen can save a great deal of trouble navigating the realm of current events today. As a side note, I would like to know if there’s a way to discover all the sponsors who advertise on Fox News. I’m simply unable to watch the station for any length of time without succumbing to nausea, but I would like to contact these sponsors and let them know that I am not willing to spend money on their products if they insist on giving money to a network that is calling for my destruction, and the destrruction of my loved ones. Make no mistake, here. I’m not being unnecessarily alarmist. The ultimate goal of Fox and other neo-fascist extremist organizations is to eliminate liberals and progressives altogether. And this is only logical—for if all the woes of the U.S. can be laid at the feet of a fifth column of liberals, feminists, gays, tree-huggers, and politically correct academics, all of whom constitute a threat to the troops and their mission, then the only lasting solution, the only final one if you will, is the firing squad.

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