Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our Enemies

I was going to write a hard-hitting piece about the Bush administration’s NSA spying program, and how the Democrats caved in and made it easier for Bush to bypass the law.

But then I remembered that criticizing the President’s efforts to fight terror would play into the hands of our enemies. I’m sure they’re rubbing their hands with glee when they see liberals undermining this administration. So what’s a little wiretapping when the security of the country is at stake? I’m not a terrorist, so I have nothing to worry about. Besides, George Bush and Karl Rove wouldn't use their power to spy on domestic political opponents, would they?

I thought of writing a piece decrying Alberto Gonzales’ refusal to give direct answers to questions by the Senate Judiciary Committee about the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

But then I realized how trivial this whole attorney scandal is compared to the war on terror. Just when we need a strong Attorney General to protect us from our enemies, along comes this story that nobody cares about. It’s obviously been blown out of proportion for partisan political reasons. Besides, George Bush and Karl Rove would never use their power to try to rig American elections, would they?

I then thought of launching an attack on the Bush Administration’s use of torture.

But I remembered that the President recently announced a new policy that makes it clearer than ever that we don’t torture. I think we need to trust him on this. If we talk too much about torture, we certainly aid our enemies. They need to be kept in the dark so that we can be safe. Besides, George Bush wouldn’t distort the truth about such a sensitive issue, would he?

Well, I could write another article against the war in Iraq. I doubt if it would make much difference, though. You know, every time someone criticizes the war, it emboldens our enemies even more, and damages the morale of our troops. Maybe if I’m quiet, the war will go better. Besides, if I protest, it could be argued that I’m trying to undermine the Iraqi government, and then all my assets could be seized by the government. And damn it, I would deserve it.

We all need to be stand unified behind the President in order to fight terror. If we lose this fight, it will be the fault of all those liberals and nay-sayers who protested and complained about one little thing or another. Boy, our enemies must be really happy.

They just keep getting happier too.

Let’s just shut up and be grateful that we have free speech. After all, that’s what our troops are fighting for.

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whig said...

Thank you for supporting our president, and by that I mean, supporting our troops. Because the troops are fighting for the president, his honor and respect in the world represents all Americans in these times of great trouble in which there are enemies that want to kill us and eat our children.