Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was talking about a Higher Power with someone and she said, “I have a hard time believing that there really is something out there that cares about me.”

The language she used brought questions to my mind. Questions by themselves are often more valuable than answers because they challenge our assumptions and take us beyond what we think we already know.

Here are the questions. Where exactly is “out there”? How far “out there” would God, or the Divine, really be? Above the clouds? Farther than the moon? A few light years? A trillion light years? A few feet? Six inches?

And ultimately, if this Reality is “out there” somewhere, no matter how far it may be, can it ever really be in contact with me, with us, over “here”?

If I touch something, or if something or someone touches me, doesn’t that mean there is no distance between us? And with literally no distance between us, what becomes of “in here” and “out there,” “you” and “me”?

If you ask these questions long enough, you will begin to understand what those wily old Chinese masters meant by “putting a second head on top of your own.” The chasm opening up beneath your feet marks the difference between spirituality and religion.


Mahakal / מהכאל said...

We're all entangled with one another, sharing consciousness across the synaptic cleft like neurons do in the brain. That which is outside ourselves is still ourselves, and exists equally within ourselves.

Liberality said...

how would she feel about a higher power that didn't care about life at all?

or maybe life itself is the higher power we all speak of--the fact that inanimate became animate.