Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Alex Jones appeared on Judge Napolitano’s Fox show a few weeks ago, talking about “globalists” and how Obama is taking away our freedom, and how finally Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Michael Savage (!) are catching on to what Alex Jones has been saying for years, etc.

But do you know what Alex Jones never mentioned? 9/11. He said not a word about how the 9/11 attacks were an inside job.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with what Alex Jones has been saying and doing for the last eight years, you know that 9/11 is a central aspect of his thinking. For him to go on Fox and not mention 9/11 is an unbelievable bit of theater, because it means not mentioning the most important aspect of his own stated world view in the last decade.

It’s self-evident at this point that Fox wouldn’t put Alex Jones on the air to talk about how Obama and Hilary Clinton are part of the scary globalist conspiracy unless he promised not to say anything about 9/11 being an inside job. For those who are new to Alex Jones, he therefore comes off as another soldier in the wingnut rebellion. But those of us who aren’t new to Alex Jones are supposed to think, I can only suppose, that 9/11 no longer matters now that Bush is gone. It would take a severe case of myopia to believe such a thing, but readers of Alex Jones are not generally known for their critical thinking.

I am actually a 9/11 skeptic. I don’t believe the official story, and I don’t think that atrocity has been properly investigated. The collapse of the WTC7 building still makes no sense to me, and there’s a lot else that stinks about the case. Nevertheless, I could always tell the difference between a sincere investigator of the facts like David Griffin, and a self-promoting huckster like Jones.

It may seem ridiculous for me to be even spending time discussing Alex Jones, but the fact is I’ve know many people in the online community who follow him and send me links from his Infowars sight. Occasionally, very occasionally, there’s been some good information in the links. Naively, I assumed he was on the left, albeit of the deranged variety. But his willingness to go on Fox without mentioning 9/11, and implicitly praising neofascists like Glenn Beck and Michael Savage to boot, proves me to have been woefully mistaken.

Alex Jones is a right wing troll. And a whore. Not mentioning his belief that 9/11 was an inside job, so that he could get on Fox, proves him to be a whore. The truth, as it turns out, doesn’t matter to Alex Jones. The only thing that matters to him is Alex Jones.

He’s also the worst thing that could have happened to the 9/11 truth movement. It seems inevitable nowadays, though, that conspiracy, even when the suspicion of one is well-founded, is going to attract the unscrupulous exploiters of fear, who end up discrediting everyone else involved. The larger issue involved here is that conspiracy, such as it is, represents only a symptom of a systemic problem rather than a cause.

Meanwhile the incredible hysteria of the hard right drives the Republican Party further into the ground, possibly destroying it forever. I don’t have any interest in preserving that institution, but at the same time we shouldn’t underestimate the mischief that brownshirt-style rhetoric and a lynch mob mentality can cause in this country. Every civilized person should be speaking out against this barbarism, but instead the maniacs seem to have an open mike on the national stage.


Mahakal / מהכאל said...

I've always said there should be a criminal investigation of what was clearly a criminal act on 9/11/01. But Alex Jones was never interested in that, he only cared about profiting from the sale of his videos.

Liberality said...

I too think the 9/11 story is not correct but I wouldn't believe anyone like this Jones dude. He believes in space aliens/reptiles something or other--whatever, clearly a wacko nutjob. Sent to discredit 9/11 conspiracy theories as junk/wacko fringe stuff too I do believe. It's simple. The FBI planted spies or disruptive elements into the anti-war movement and the civil rights movement too. So of course Jones is on Fox--time to play the other side now.

Sannhetssøker said...

Alex Jones is in on the cover-up. It's all e big act. Alex Jones is a Jew. The truth movemen is run by Jews. The media are owned by Jews. Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Ron Paul, george Bush and even Barack Obama er Jews.

It's a very big conspiracy.

9-11 was a Jew JobAlex Jones was hysterical

Chris Dashiell said...

Congratulations, Sannhetssoker! You are my first genuine troll. You win a pair of little troll boots and a pointy hat. Wear them wisely.

Sannhetssøker said...

Did you look at the link?

Alex Jones:
Are Boeing fitting their aircraft with illegal devices that could enable terrorists to remotely hijack airliners and crash them into high profile targets? In light of what happened on 9/11, Boeing's blanket denial that this practice has taken place is both highly suspicious and a threat to national security.

Alex "New World Order" Jones has completely forgotten that he is supposed to say that "9/11 was an inside job!" and has now come up with new and amazing conspiracy theories on his own. Earlier today, the muslimhater believed that Boeing conspired with muslims on September 11th 2001, and that they hijacked some planes with a remote control, especially designed to crash planes into tall and high profile steel buildings owned by Jews.

Of course, Boeing totally denied these insane and anti-Semitic claims, but nutty Jones then even thought that was very suspicious. "Why would Boeing deny such an obvious fact?" loony Alex asked himself repeatedly throughout the day. There was no doubt in his paranoic mind that Boeing somehow represented a big threat to national security.

Finally, the nutcase came to the conclusion that Boeing had orchestrated 9/11!

Chris Dashiell said...

Did I look at the link? Yeah, and your site is called "911 was a Jew job." I can't tolerate antisemitism or any kind of racial hatred. Sannhetssoker, please take your troll hat and return to your troll hole.

Sannhetssøker said...

Arabs are Semites. Jews abuse the word "antisemite" to protect their lies.

It's very obvious that Larry Silverstein demolished his buildings.

And this is the reason we experience such a massive cover-up in the media:

Presidents and/or owners
Jew - CBS - William S. Paley, Leslie Moonves
Jew - NBC - Jeffrey Zucker
Jew - ABC - Bloomberg and Bodenheimer
Jew - ABC News - David Westin
Jew - CNN - Reese Schonfeld (co-founder)
Jew - FOX - Gail Berman, Rupert Murdoch
Jew - MBS - Ronnessen
Jew - Daily News - Maxwell (Hoch)
Jew - US News - Zuckerman

Jew - New York Times - Sulzberger
Jew - BBC - Michael Ian Grade, Mark Thompson
Jew - Sirius Satellite Radio - Scott Greenstein
Jew - ITV - Murdoch, Grade
Jew - Paramount Pictures - Bradley Alan Grey
Jew - 20th Century Fox - Sherry Lansing
Jew - News Corporation - Peter Chernin
Jew - Columbia Pictures - Kaufman
Jew - Warner Brothers - Barry M. Meyer
Jew - Clear Channel - Lowry Mays, Andrew Levin

Jew - Warner Co - Martin S. Davis
Jew - Dreamworks - Spielberg
Jew - Walt Disney Television - Micheal D. Eisner
Jew - Touchstone Television - Micheal D. Eisner
Jew - Buena Vista Television - Micheal D. Eisner
Jew - VIACOM - Sumner Murray Rothstein
Jew - MTV - Murray Rothstein
Jew - Nickelodeon - Murray Rothstein
Jew - Universal Pictures - Stacey Snider
Jew - Universal Studios - Ron Meyer

But I'll bet you knew that...