Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Fight For Our Lives

Tristero gets it right on what the torture bill says about the state of the Union. We have a rogue President who refuses oversight or correction. I would say a criminal president, an illegitimate administration. In any case, we’re in a fight for our lives. The establishment wants to avoid the truth at all costs—that the republic is in a state of collapse, subverted by a lawless executive. So politicians, including many Democrats, go along under the “business as usual” paradigm.
The torture ratification bill proves that the neo-Nasties will go to any lengths to hold onto power. But it also proves that there is a serious possibility of martial law in this country, complete with concentration camps, disappearances and murders. If you understand the simple fact that BushCo doesn’t really want to fight terrorism, but actually loves terrorism as a way to maintain control, then the conclusion is inescapable that imprisonment without charges, secret prisons, and torture, are methods aimed ultimately at us.
In addition to being a human rights issue, this is also an urgent matter of self-interest. Totalitarian movements have an internal logic of their own—the machine ends up swallowing everyone. If you think having white skin or an income will protect you, think again. Nothing is off limits.
Note: if this depresses you, read Christy Hardin Smith over at firedoglake for some fiery inspiration.

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