Saturday, September 09, 2006

George Bush's favorite holiday

Monday is September 11. George Bush and his friends will be celebrating all day. It is their favorite holiday.
You see, the Boosh gang were actually happy about September 11. It pleased them. Condoleeza Rice said it was an "opportunity." I remember seeing James Baker (the Boosh consiglier) on TV only hours after the attacks. He already had his talking points, blaming the whole thing on the constraints that were put on the CIA in the 1970s after their skulduggery was being exposed by the Church Committee and in other post-Watergate revelations. And you could see Baker barely suppressing his glee. He was happy!
Dick Cheney loves September 11. It gave him and his pals the chance they needed, to go out and carve up the world into an American empire, to dismantle the U.S. Constitution in order to institute an official dictatorship of the elite, one party rule, complete with spying, torture, and all the other trappings of totalitarian government.
While normal people with feelings grieve, Bush and his buddies use September 11 to advance themselves. They think nothing of using the victims of that day to get themselves elected, attack their opponents, smear anyone who opposes them.
And the foolish U.S. press, along with the TV news, which is too degraded to even think of as the "press" anymore--have let them get away with it, over and over, and some have even encouraged them.
This group of thugs--the neocons, the right-wing Republicans, the phony Christian zealots--have in fact betrayed the victims of 9/11, and all of us, by trying to make this atrocity the definition of who we are. Cheney, for instance, talks as if this one event is an excuse to radically change our institutions and values. We've survived the Civil War and World War II, to mention just two major crises, but this bedwetter thinks a single atrocity means that we should abandon our American traditions and become like China. Is that why we fought in Normandy? Okinawa? It all seems like a sick, crazy joke, but the astounding thing is that many Americans, made stupid by propaganda and their own complacent affluence, have swallowed it whole.
I believe that the Boosh gang will fail. They are already failing. The only question is how many more innocent people will go down with them.

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